Manufacturing Companies

Control your direct and supply chain's exposure to carbon pricing
Get a better understanding of your organization's level of exposure to carbon pricing instruments and how they might impact your business
Enhance your supply chain risk management by collaborating with your suppliers regarding their exposure to carbon pricing regulations and carbon border adjustment mechanisms
Give a full account of your carbon pricing liabilities in order to identify opportunities and meet your sustainability reporting obligations

Take a glance at your worldwide carbon pricing risk

Having a global perspective on carbon pricing can aid your business in staying ahead of the competition by being prepared for policy changes, reducing carbon emissions, and building firmer bonds with stakeholders.

It can also help you identify risks and opportunities in varying markets more accurately, and make more informed decisions when strategizing your decarbonization efforts.

Manage the carbon pricing risk embedded in your supply chain

Evaluating how carbon pricing could impact your suppliers and the goods or services they offer is key to managing your supply chain’s exposure to carbon prices.

You can lessen the effects of carbon pricing on your enterprise by talking to your primary suppliers about their carbon pricing plans, decreasing dependency on suppliers with high carbon emissions, and offsetting the carbon
footprint of your supply chain. Controlling your supply chain’s contact with carbon pricing can help you minimize its effects.

Don’t let carbon pricing catch you by surprise. Contact us to learn how Carbon Glance can help you stay in control of your carbon pricing risk

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