The Carbon Pricing Platform

EU CBAM-related features

Effortless EU CBAM Data Management

Centralize your EU CBAM data and generate your quarterly reports ready for submission.
Automated Emission Calculations

Automatically calculate the emissions associated with your EU CBAM goods.
Risk Management

Quantify the financial risk of the EU CBAM and manage your CBAM-related costs.
Analytical Insights

Combine emissions data and carbon pricing intelligence to drive decision making as the EU CBAM is phased in.

CBAM Basic

Quarterly Subscription Plan
  • GDPR-Compliant User Management
  • Data Import Tool
  • Access to Central Registry of Installations from Climate TRACE
  • Collaborative Account Control
  • Management of Multiple Subsidiaries and Importers
  • Management of CBAM Suppliers, Installations, and Shipments
  • Tracking of Quarterly CBAM Emissions
  • Generation and Management of CBAM Reports
  • Ad-hoc support from a Team of CBAM Specialists

The EU CBAM will make carbon pricing intelligence a must-have for decision-making.

With Carbon Glance, move beyond the EU CBAM into full carbon pricing.

Stay on top of your direct carbon pricing exposure

Aggregating your carbon pricing information in one
central location can bring numerous advantages to
your business, such as giving an accurate overview
of your direct exposure to carbon pricing instruments, cutting costs, eliminating data mistakes, and boosting transparency and decisionmaking. 

Keeping track of the carbon pricing ecosystem can assist you in mapping out your organization’s route to becoming carbon neutral.

Unhide your hidden cost of carbon

In order to fully comprehend the implications of carbon pricing for your company, you must evaluate not only your direct exposure but also your indirect exposure through vendors and borrowers. These entities may transfer part or the full cost of carbon to you, either through increased prices or higher credit risk. With the EU CBAM, part of your indirect exposure will become visible. 

By proactively identifying and assessing your full carbon pricing exposure, you can benefit from better price discovery of CO2 and start making more informed decisions in this critical decade.

Strengthen your risk management skills relating to climate change

Our specialized carbon pricing platform aims to supplement your existing systems and tools for evaluating emissions and analysing other climate-related risks.

Organizations will gain a more detailed comprehension of the possible effects of carbon pricing on their operations and improve their risk management capabilities by considering this risk individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can already book a demo here:

Yes. With our platform you can generate and manage your CBAM reports ready for submission to the CBAM Transitional Registry

No. For the submission of the CBAM reports, you must use the EU CBAM Transitional Registry, where you will be able to upload the XML file generated in our system. If you are not yet, we’ll help you become familiar with this registry. To gain access to it, you must request authorization from your National Competent Authority (NCA). The list of NCAs is also available on the Commission’s dedicated website.

Yes, you will be able to modify the first two CBAM reports until the submission of the third one on July 31, 2024.

For the first CBAM quarterly reports, we’ll use the default values provided by the EU Commission. These values are provided per CN code for both direct and indirect embedded emissions. They can be consulted here

The EU CBAM forms part of a broader portfolio of carbon pricing instruments. This mechanism is an extension of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the European carbon market by progressively replacing the existing “carbon leakage” measures. Hence, beyond creating new reporting obligations, the EU CBAM will also add to your company’s overall exposure to the risk of carbon pricing

Once the definitive period enters into force in 2026, you will have to purchase CBAM certificates to offset the embedded emissions of your imported CBAM goods. The price of these certificates will be calculated depending on the weekly average auction price of EU ETS allowances expressed in €/tonne of CO2 emitted. However, to calculate your actual CBAM liabilities and quantify the financial risk of your overall exposure to carbon pricing, you will have to consider the global landscape of carbon pricing instruments. Our carbon pricing platform will provide you with this intelligence so that you can focus on making the right decisions. 

Keep your carbon pricing exposure under control

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