The Carbon Pricing Platform

Estimate the cost of your direct and indirect emissions derived from carbon pricing instruments and carbon border adjustment mechanisms

One Platform. Multiple Benefits

Gather all relevant carbon pricing and emissions data in one easy-to-access location.
Assess at a glance your carbon pricing exposure and its financial materiality, including the impact of the upcoming EU CBAM.
Make more informed decisions and identify potential cost-effective opportunities for mitigation or strategic investments.
Report a more comprehensive and accurate view of your carbon pricing risk exposure to stay compliant with new disclosure obligations.

Stay on top of your direct carbon pricing exposure

Aggregating your carbon pricing information in one
central location can bring numerous advantages to
your business, such as giving an accurate overview
of your direct exposure to carbon pricing instruments, cutting costs, eliminating data mistakes, and boosting transparency and decisionmaking. 

Keeping track of the carbon pricing ecosystem can assist you in mapping out your organization’s route to becoming carbon neutral.

Unhide your hidden cost of carbon

In order to fully comprehend the implications of carbon pricing for your company, you must evaluate not only your direct exposure but also your indirect exposure through vendors and borrowers. These entities may transfer part or the full cost of carbon to you, either through increased prices or higher credit risk.

By proactively identifying and assessing their carbon pricing exposure, you can better manage your indirect risk and start making more informed decisions in this critical decade.

Strengthen your risk management skills relating to climate change

Our specialized carbon pricing platform aims to supplement your existing systems and tools for evaluating emissions and analysing other climate-related risks.

Organizations will gain a more detailed comprehension of the possible effects of carbon pricing on their operations and improve their risk management capabilities by considering this risk individually.

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